I am an artist living in Shropshire, England. I studied from 1995 to 2000, firstly Animation and Film at the University of South Wales, then Fine Art at Wolverhampton University, achieving a BA (Hons). I continued my studies into teaching, going on to be a lecturer at Walsall College of Arts and Technology.

My work continues to be led by the fondness I have for animals and nature, and for quiet domestic spaces.
I am interested in the relationship a person might have with the space they are in and the other things within that space, most importantly, coexistence between living things. Or maybe a view of the landscape beyond a window, space which, for that moment, the observer is detached.
Outsider art and the naïve has influenced my approach to painting, and children's art brings a certain liberation which realism does not. Abstraction is often an element in my work also, to different degrees.

All of my work is for sale, and comes already framed. Please contact me for details.